Laser Dentistry in Grand Island for Comfortable & Precise Dental Care

close up of laser pointing towards white teethAt Anderson Dental Care, we use innovative technology to provide you with all the advantages that modern dental care offers. Dr. Steve F. Anderson can accomplish this with laser dentistry. Our dentist uses both hard and soft tissue lasers to help deliver precise, safe, and effective treatments, all with a conservative approach.

Dental lasers are powerful tools used for many reasons. They are quickly becoming renowned for their ability to clean sensitive tissues, remove them accurately, and eliminate disease and infection without damaging surrounding areas. Our team proudly provides laser dentistry to offer advanced dental care through less invasive means.

We love helping individuals and families across Grand Island, St. Paul, Hastings, Doniphan, and Wood River and have done so since 1970. For more information about dental lasers, contact Anderson Dental Care to schedule an appointment today!


What is Laser Dentistry?

Laser dentistry refers to the use of dental lasers to treat a wide variety of oral health concerns. Since this technology is highly safe and versatile, we can implement it in various procedures. Laser dental care can help increase comfort during different treatments because it does not require drilling, cutting, or stitches.

How Does it Work?

close up of dental laser diodeLASER stands for “Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation.” This technology works by producing light energy in a very narrow and focused beam. Dr. Anderson uses lasers that deliver powerful energy at different wavelengths gently into your teeth and gums.

The momentum makes for useful tools for targeting enamel, gum tissue, and tooth decay. The light creates a reaction when it hits tissue and enamel, allowing for precise removal or shaping.

Laser Dental Treatments from Dr. Steve F. Anderson

The innovative techniques provided by dental lasers can make treatment more predictable, precise, comfortable, and cost-effective. When used for dental surgery procedures, lasers can serve in the place of a scalpel, vaporizer, and more. They can be used for pediatric dental needs and cosmetic dentistry purposes. Some of the most common procedures we provide using dental laser technology include:

  • Frenectomies
  • Tooth Decay Treatment for Adults & Children
  • Baby Tooth Extractions
  • Minimize Gum Pockets
  • Crown Lengthening
  • Treatment for Gummy Smiles

Our dentist can use this technology to perform various treatments for adults and children, often without anesthetics. This is especially useful when treating anxious children and fearful patients. He can prepare soft tissues above and below the gumline for treatments such as wisdom tooth removal and much more!

Is Laser Dentistry Safe?

When performed correctly by a skilled professional, laser dental care is safe. However, just as you should wear sunglasses to protect your eyes and sunscreen to shield your skin, you will also need to wear defensive gear during these procedures. These can include eyeglasses and other garments.

Types of Dental Lasers at our Grand Island Office

At Anderson Dental Care, we use two types of soft and hard-tissue lasers. They include:

BIOLASE® Waterlase – Dr. Anderson and our team use this innovative dental laser to help simplify treatment and minimize the chance for trauma. Waterlase devices apply hydrokinetic technology to remove hard and soft tissues by combining water, air, and laser energy. This laser can be used for both children and adults and does not include heat or vibrations.

Diode – Dental Diode lasers, also known as soft-tissue lasers, are also made by BIOLASE®. They are often ideal for surgical procedures that require contouring or removing oral soft tissues. Our hygienist uses this technology to minimize gum tissue pockets in gum disease cases and for low-level therapy after wisdom tooth extraction. Diode lasers can speed the healing process and maximize patient comfort.

Additionally, dental lasers can help minimize the need for anesthetics.

Do Dental Lasers Cause Pain?

Typically, there is significantly less discomfort and bleeding with dental lasers. Instead of removing diseased gum tissue with traditional tools, Dr. Anderson can use gentle light beam technology that requires no cutting or stitches. Lasers allow us to eliminate bacteria and infection without harming healthy teeth and gums. The results include less pain, damage, and discomfort!

7 Surprising Laser Dentistry Benefits

Our dentist has chosen to provide laser dentistry in Grand Island due to its many unique and innovative advantages. After all, our goal is to deliver exceptional dental care that emphasizes your health and comfort every time. Here are seven expected benefits dental laser technology can provide you:

  1. No unpleasant noises, tastes, or vibrations
  2. Quicker treatment times and fewer office visits
  3. Sterile treatment with less risk of infection
  4. Gum tissues reshaping and removal without incisions
  5. Many procedures performed without shots or drilling
  6. More predictable and successful results due to higher accuracy
  7. Higher success rates of gum tissue regeneration

Is Laser Dentistry Expensive?

In most cases, laser dental care can be about the same or a little more expensive than traditional treatment. Dr. Anderson offers dentistry with lasers because it often provides a better overall experience for individuals and their families. Sometimes, this technology is a necessary tool to perform specific procedures successfully. The costs can vary depending on your situation and the treatment required.

Advanced Dental Care You Need & Deserve!

close up of smiling young womanAt Anderson Dental Care, we are committed to delivering comprehensive and comfortable dental care. Dr. Steven F. Anderson provides laser dentistry for children and adults alike and can easily tailor treatment to meet various oral health needs.

Our team proudly serves smiles of all ages across Grand Island, St. Paul, Hastings, Doniphan, and Wood River and have done so since 1970. Contact us to discover what laser dentistry can do for you!