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Welcome to our Smile Gallery.  Please enjoy some of our amazing smile transformations.


In the United States there are over 40 million adults of our 220 million adults that either wear dentures of need dentures.

Good fitting dentures will help preserve bone in the mouth which makes for better fitting dentures.

The effort at Anderson Dental Care is to make dentures that don’t need implants to help support them.  Many times, this can be accomplished successfully.  In addition, our dentures are made so if implants are desired at a later date within the first couple of years, the denture can be retrofitted for accepting implants to help retain the denture(s) so there is no need for a new denture at that time..

Most dentures need to be relined every 5-7 years to make them fit more snuggly to the ridges in one’s mouth.  Immediate dentures (those made to put in the mouth the same day the teeth are removed) need to be relined 9 months after placement of the Immediate denture and then again in 5-7 years.

Dentures should be checked on a yearly basis at the dental office to make sure there are no problems at all.  At that time the bite and fit are checked thoroughly.

All dentures should be remade at about 10 years due to wear and some bone loss that may occur.

Anderson Dental Care has been involved with the Dental Missions of Mercy since 2006. This helps bring smiles to patients' faces who have not been able to smile as they have no teeth. This involvement has been in 12 different states. The most recent Dental Mission of Mercy has involved making dentures for patients who have been without teeth for many years. It is very rewarding to be able to give people the confidence to smile, get a better position with a company, have a mate/spouse, and so much more in building confidence and self-esteem.