These are great people who care about their patients. Steve will go above and beyond to make your experience great. Highly recommend Anderson Dental Care!

Richard L.

I have been a patient of Dr. Anderson, Steve, for many years even though I live over 70 miles away. His expertise, knowledge and personality, as well as his support staff make the drive well worth it.
I have tried out other dentists closer to home, and even though they were adequate, they lacked the overall qualities that I feel I receive from Anderson Dental.
The staff makes every effort to making an appointment that works within my schedule.

I highly recommend this team for any and all dental needs.

Anton S.

Very pleasant experience. I asked questions and the hygienist answered them well. Really liked that I recieved topical anesthetic before the cleaning, it helped with pain well. The hygienist was pleasant to talk to. The receptionist is delightful.

Richard T.

I took my five yr old daughter in for her very first visit and they had to cap a tooth. The whole process amazed me that there were no tears or fears what so ever! The entire staff were so nice and explained things very well. There was no pain for her afterwards and they even did a follow up phone call.
Anderson Dental care is the only place to go!

Tammy M.

Best dental care around. Dr Anderson and his staff are always friendly, helpful, and personable. They treat you like family. They have the latest and greatest technology available. Dr Anderson always calls after treatments to check on how you are doing. It is so reassuring that when you call after hours, he will call you back personably. We truly appreciate Dr Anderson and his staff

Tracey K.

Thank you for your genuine concern and quick help for my husband. His chemo-infected mouth had kept him from eating and drinking for three weeks and resulted in high fevers and pain. Your staff got us in and worked on him on and off for a whole day! By the next morning his fever had gone down half, and his mouth stopped bleeding. By evening he could drink Ensure. The next morning his fever was normal, and he could eat oatmeal. You, Dr. Anderson, and your staff have been a blessing to us. Thank you for your gift of healing.

Gary & Sandy

I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful work that you did on my teeth. I had been praying for a miracle, and God answered and sent me to you. I have never been treated so kindly, gently, or considerately by anyone in your profession. When you called me at home to check on me, I really understood what a truly remarkable person you are. I could never have imagined that I could have such pretty teeth! I am enjoying my new smile so much! I get lots of compliments on it and now, with my new promotion, I feel more confident and ready to face the future. You and your wonderful staff are surely angels in disguise. You have truly changed my life. And for that I am forever grateful.


Words cannot express how wonderful the staff and Dr. Anderson are. From my very first visit for a consultation for clear braces, I have felt at ease and confident in the level of care they provide. It is so refreshing to meet people in a professional setting that truly care about you and your goals from the moment they meet you! I cannot recommend them enough!!! My friends and family have heard my story over and over. You just cannot beat the care, service and level of comfort they provide. Thank you so much to all of the staff at Anderson Dental Care for making the road to my dream smile so easy.


The Best Dentist!!! Our family have been patients of Anderson Dental Care for over 35 years. We have recommended Dr. Anderson to our co-workers, friends and other family members. He is truly passionate about his profession & dental family. He is a true leader in the Grand Island community. His Staff is #1, very caring about you and your dental health. Steve and his staff keep themselves updated with the latest dental techniques. Thank you all for our smiles!

Kevin & Peggy Jorgensen

I have definitely found my new dentist! After having issues with a tooth for some time and mentioning it to a number of friends, I was told to make an appointment with Dr. Anderson at Anderson Dental Care in Grand Island, NE. Considering the drive of roughly 90 miles round trip I procrastinated for months until I finally had to commit to making the appointment. Upon arrival, I was immediately greeted at the front desk by Shelley who made me feel like I had been to the practice before. I had a good time visiting and laughing with her. When it was my turn to be examined, Anita led me to the area and also made me feel extremely comfortable. Next Dr. Anderson was introduced and made me feel like a friend from way back! I was also very impressed when Dr. Anderson gave me a follow-up call that evening to make sure I was doing okay. My experience was amazing all the through the events of the appointment! My wife immediately made an appointment to get her teeth checked & cleaned! I would highly recommend Dr. Anderson and his entire staff for all of your dental needs!

Dennis R.

I would like to thank all the wonderful people in Dr Anderson’s office for the wonderful care I received. I came to Anderson Dental Care in need of some major dental work and at my very first consultation I felt at ease with the staff. It is truly a family atmosphere from the moment you walk in the door. Dr Anderson took the time to lay out a plan to follow so I could achieve my end result and within a few months he gave me my smile back.

Thanks to all the staff members, I have a smile I can be proud of. Words can not express how wonderful Anderson Dental Care truly is. If anyone is in need of minor or major dental care, I would urge them to call and set up an appointment. You will not regret making the call. Thanks again for the terrific smile!!


Dr. Anderson had been telling me I needed to straighten my teeth for a while. My bottom teeth were wearing away the enamel on the back of my two front teeth. I kept putting it off until he showed me how bad the grooves were getting, and that I eventually would have to have them replaced.

Having had perfect teeth all my life, I wanted to keep them as long as possible. I decided to get the Invisalign. I received my first set of retainers two weeks later. Dr. Anderson called later in the evening to see how I was feeling and if everything was fitting ok. That is something most people don’t do, and I was grateful for the call.

I had very little discomfort throughout the 19 months I wore the retainers. They were so easy to use, and no one even noticed I was wearing them. At every checkup Dr. Anderson made sure everything was fitting and moving properly. Dr. Anderson and his staff were all very helpful and attentive to all of my needs. I am very appreciative of all of them!

My teeth look even better than before, and I continually get compliments on my beautiful smile. I’m so excited that I get to keep all my teeth for many years to come! What I will miss now is not seeing him and the staff more than once every six months!


Dear Dr. Anderson,

I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful work that you did on my teeth. I had been praying for a miracle, and God answered and sent me to you. I have never been treated so kindly, gently, or considerately by anyone in your profession. When you called me at home to check on me, I really understood what a truly remarkable person you are. I could never have imagined that I could have such pretty teeth! I am enjoying my new smile so much! I get lots of compliments on it and now, with my new promotion, I feel more confident and ready to face the future. You and your wonderful staff are surely angels in disguise. You have truly changed my life. And for that I am forever grateful..

With Love Always,


Dear Dr. Anderson,

Prior to my first visit to Anderson Dental Care in 1993, regular dental visits were not something that was a priority to me. My dental visits were based on a “hit-or-miss” schedule that was sandwiched somewhere among the sporadic dental visits of my three children and the rest of my life. However, with the move to Anderson Dental, I found myself making six-month appointments and keeping most of them! I even learned great sayings like “Only floss the teeth you want to keep.” The dental staff offered patience, encouragement, and teaching moments during cleanings instead of pointing out my inability to keep a ‘flossing’ schedule!

Also, Dr. Anderson provides progressive equipment and comprehensive service in all areas of his practice resulting in very efficient dental visits. This is so helpful for my busy schedule.

Now, years later, I think of Dr. Steve and his staff as my friends. They have seen my family grow, my life evolve, and my dental needs change. Last year, after talking with Dr. Steve and his staff, I made the decision to replace a 21-year old porcelain bridge. The results were nothing less than amazing to me! I felt like I didn’t just have cosmetic dental improvements, but I had the support and care of a dentist and team who made me feel like I deserved to look great and feel good. Thank you, Dr. Steve and staff, for all you do. You really are a Premier Office!



The work I needed done on my teeth involved cosmetic dentistry. I had crowns that needed to be replaced on my front teeth which were in place from a sports injury many years ago. My husband asked a trusted friend, who would be the best dentist in Grand Island to perform the work. His response was Dr. Anderson at Anderson Dental Care. After my very first appointment with Dr. Anderson I was confident that he would give me back my smile that for so long I was afraid to show. I can’t say enough about Anderson Dental Care. He and his staff go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and welcome in their office. The quality of work is exceptional and they settle for only the best. They are patient and kind in every respect. A person’s smile says so much about them and if you’re searching for someone to help improve your smile, then search no further. Dr. Anderson and his staff will settle for only the best for you and you will be extremely happy with the results.


Going to the dentist can be, well, almost a pleasant experience and that is why I have been a patient of Anderson Dental Care for many years. Taking care of myself has always been important to me. I trust Dr. Anderson and his staff to do just that for my dental needs. They all know me by name, are considerate of my time, available for emergencies and understand my insurance! Dr. Anderson and his team are truly there for me!


I write this letter with some reservation because I’ve never before found it necessary to thank a dentist…until now. So thank you Dr. Anderson for being the kind of dentist and human being all others should look up to. From my first call & conversation with your staff, I felt confident that I had finally found the right clinic for my needs.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that your way of doing business is the right way, & those are words you can take to the bank every time. Again, I am extremely grateful for your kindness, knowledge, up-front honesty, & the professionalism everyone in your office showed me during my extraction visit.

“Please share my thanks with your entire staff & remember how much I like to talk. And just know that one less tooth won’t stop me from telling everyone how wonderful you and your staff were to me.


After trying two other dentists in Grand Island, I have finally found a dentist & staff that treat me like family & care for my needs. I appreciate them knowing me by my name. Also, they do not keep you waiting!


Just wanted to drop a note to Thank You for the wonderful care you provide. I also want to Thank You for being such a fun bunch to be around. Always a personal touch-kind of like the bar from “Cheers”. The place where everyone knows your name!

I consider myself fortunate that I found such a kind, caring, group of people.


Although I hate to admit this, but in the past all of my visits to the dentist have been emergency visits. And my main reason for not returning was because I felt no real connection with the dentist doing the work. I asked God to help me find a dentist that I could relate to. That’s when I came across Anderson Dental’s website and read all of the testimonials of his patients. The first visit convinced me that my prayers had been answered because he and his staff are all very kind, considerate and patient. Dr. Anderson cared enough to listen and respond to my concerns. I have actually looked forward to my visits to his office and that alone will keep me going back so that I no longer am only motivated by dental emergencies.

Dr. Steve, you make me laugh and you gave me my smile back. I really appreciated your calls in the evening to check up on me, I feel that your care and concern is genuine. With all of my heart I thank you!


After years and years of being ‘TORTURED’ in the dental chair, I learned to hate dentists! I wasn’t bashful about telling anyone, including the dentist, just how I felt! Then, at the recommendation of his office manager, I met Dr. Steve Anderson. True to my normal rebellious nature, I said, “I just want you to know before you even start, that I HATE dentists!!” When Dr. Anderson was finished, I was so excited and impressed, the words just rolled out of my mouth, “I THINK I LOVE YOU!!” I can honestly say I no longer FEAR going to the dentist! I drive over 150 miles one way to his office and will continue to do so. I highly recommend Dr. Steve Anderson and his entire team to one and all. They listen to their patients!


My husband and I have been patients of Dr. Anderson for over 30 years. We have utmost respect, confidence, and the highest regard for him, and his entire staff, as being the most competent and efficient “team” in the field of dentistry. Dr. Anderson operates his practice with state-of-the-art equipment, services and procedures which reflect his excellent knowledge of the dental profession. His personal compassion for the well-being of his patients is evident in that fact that each is treated as an individual, with assurance that he is but a phone call away in any dental emergency or circumstance thereof. Dr. Anderson’s presence in our community is phenomenal!

Roger & Bernie

I am Dr. Anderson’s oldest “baby” patient! He and his staff have their work cut out for them when I arrive! Dr. Anderson came HIGHLY RECOMMENDED as THE BEST!!

From the warm welcome on arrival until the moment of departure each person makes you feel like you are the most important patient of the day! All questions are answered thoroughly, and tips for “at home” care are shared not only by Dr. Anderson, but also by his staff. Scheduling is fantastic! They make sure it works for you, the patient!

Although I have not yet convinced Dr. Anderson to just “put me out” to do what has to be done, he and his staff take excellent care of me! Financial issues are arranged with kindness and dignity! What I find amazing is the telephone call at home in the evening after a procedure just to see if all is well! Going to any dentist will never be my favorite appointment; however, as long as Dr. Anderson and his staff continue to “baby” me, I’ll keep going back!!! I highly recommend Anderson Dental Care for top-notch professional dental health care!



My fears of the dentist were overwhelming to me, to a point where I had just given up and let happen to my teeth whatever happened. Well, after 3 front teeth broke off and an abscess that made my cheek touch my glasses, I knew I had to look for a dentist.

I made a phone call to Dr. Anderson’s office who made me an appointment for that very day. After an evaluation and my decision to proceed, we immediately started to get my mouth squared away.

I give Dr. Anderson and all of his fine staff all of the credit for my new outlook on dental care and going to the dentist. They say the sum is the total of all the parts combined and I know Dr. Anderson has put together an office full of caring people with one mission and that is making any dental procedure as comfortable as possible. What a great team they are! I am very happy that now I can smile!

P.S. How many dentists personally call after procedures to check on you? I know Dr. Anderson does.


Dr. Anderson immediately and happily helped my husband as a walk-in. He came home with such a good report of the personnel and Dr. Anderson. I decided to try their services. It was the best dental visit I have had in a number of years!

“The equipment and techniques are the latest available, the atmosphere is relaxing and the offices are clean. The staff were very skilled and attentive to my every need.

“I recommend this office above any I have been to.


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